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Whiteboard Videos At Trade Shows

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It’s early.  Too early.  The smell of coffee and cold air mix within the giant showroom of the convention center.  You hear laughter and feel the camaraderie and excitement as other vendors prepare for the doors to open.  You chit-chat with some of those vendors and try to see what they’ve got and whether you can use it or not, or to see if they are the competition.

You’re not worried, though.  You’re prepared.  You’ve got your booth all set-up and ready.  Your cool banner is stretched up behind you.  You and your associates are eager to make contact with potential clients.  You’ve got your custom printed business cards, flyers, pens, t-shirts, coozies, hats, pads, flashlights, magnets, coffee mugs and water bottles-all ready to be stuffed into bags.   You know your pitch inside and out.  You are confident in your product and you know people will want to know what you have to offer.  That’s why you have a stack of 300, crisp, blank, lead-sheets printed and attached to your clipboard.  You’re ready to kick butt and take names!   You’re a branding machine!

Now, it’s time for the doors to open.  The crowd starts to trickle in.  You’ve got your sights set on a  potential buyer.  You make eye contact and strike up a conversation.  As you talk to them, your associates grab a few more people to speak with.  All of you are tied up, and more potential clients approach your table.  They pause.  Maybe they’ll wait until you finish talking to…nope…they leave (and with no literature!).

No worries, you’re about to close the deal with this guy.  Except, you notice they aren’t really listening to you.  They keep glancing at your table.  It’s at that moment when you realize that you’ve been wasting your time on an Indiana Jones…a treasure hunter…the kind of person that only comes to trade shows to raid every booth until their bag is full of free goodies!

As you daydream about how great it would have felt to stab Indy with the free pen you gave him, you think to yourself, “How could I have kept people at my booth long enough for me to get through the person that was a complete waste of time?”

The answer is simple.  A whiteboard video!  Look, monitors are cheap, nowadays, and so are trusses.  And whiteboard animation videos are becoming more and more popular and affordable.   There’s no reason to not have a video playing in the background to showcase your product.

But why not just use a regular video that you made on iMovie?  Why do you need a whiteboard animation video?  Well, while you’re probably very talented at making cool-looking home video trailers, you probably don’t have the time, or resources to create a video that is captivating and engaging.  There’s just something about a whiteboard video that captures the audience’s attention!  Maybe it’s the professional scriptwriting, or the amazing voiceover recordings.  Perhaps it’s the catchy music and sound effects.  Or maybe it’s all of those things along with interesting images that add to the overall desired effect of creating engaging material.   Not only does it capture the audience’s attention, but if produced properly, the information you present will be retained by the viewer for a longer period of time, which leads to effective branding.  Effective branding leads to buyers, and buyers lead to a better lifestyle for you!  And who doesn’t want that?  Nobody, that’s who.

Don’t be a nobody.  Be a somebody and order a whiteboard animation video for your next trade show, today!  If you’d like to see an example of this type of video that we recently created for a client, you can see it at this link!  Or, if you really hate to leave our site, check out the two, cool videos below, that we created for another client and their recent Bridal Expo!  🙂

For quotes and pricing, make sure you fill out the form on our Estimates Page or on or Contact Us Page!


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Why whiteboard animations?

If you look at most social media sites today, the posts that capture more attention are the ones that feature videos.  Videos are an engaging and entertaining way to introduce products and services, to make announcements, or to explain how your products, services, or websites function.

Producing your own videos can take up lots of your valuable time.  Hiring services like Tampa White Board Vids to create your videos will help streamline the process and help turn potential clients to actual clients.

It is really a no-brainer!  Let us take the stress away and contact us today!